For a product to be successful it should not only be attractive and fit for purpose but must also embrace and use the manufacturing route to its advantage.   Factory yield must be high and manufacturing problems need to be non-existent.

Neil utilizes this principle within the design and development of all the product that he works on and has used it to the advantage of the ranges that he has produced.   It enables him to develop creative solutions to briefs and ensure that they can be successfully manufactured and delivered to market. 

Designs can be developed up to the level that the project/brief requires with initial concept development realized through sketching, CAD visuals, handmade 3D prototypes or computer controlled rapid prototype modelling.   Design development drawings for factory manufacture are also created and contain all of the information necessary to successfully develop the finished designs in your factory of choice.

Neil Jeffree is a specialist in the design and manufacturing development of product for the global homeware market. 

Over 20 years’ experience in the industry enables him to provide an expert service in taking a concept from the drawing board, through the manufacturing process, to a finished product. With a successful track record in improving product development through intelligent design, the incorporation of CAD into manufacturing development programs and the improvement of hand modeling skills through training programs, Neil provides a service that covers many aspects of new product development. 

Neil is also a highly skilled plaster production modeler with experience in developing models for machine pressure casting, hollowware casting and roller making.

Prior to establishing the Neil Jeffree Design Studio in 2008, Neil was a senior member of the design department at Royal Worcester, where he created and developed the shapes for many of their ranges, most notable the product for the award winning Jamie Oliver brand. 


About Neil

3D Product Development

Computer Aided Design can speed up product development and reduce the time taken to take a concept from the drawing board to the customer. Neil uses Powershape, a surface modelling program which has been developed specifically for this purpose.    Powershape enables Neil to design product, produce concept visuals, develop surface files for rapid prototyping and manufacture and also output technical design drawings for product development. 

Powershape can export and import all of the common surface files and can write these files specifically for all of the major CAD programs that are used in the industry (Autocad, Pro-Engineer, Solidworks, Rhino etc.).   This allows for a seamless transfer of information from one CAD package to another. 

Although it is possible to initiate concepts purely on 3D CAD systems it is important to develop those designs through prototype modelling.   These working models are made in either plaster or styro-foam and are modified until the concept is perfected.

Scaled production drawings can be developed and a fully functioning workshop is available to produce plaster production models.   Neil is a highly skilled plaster production modeler with experience in developing models for machine pressure casting, hollowware casting and roller making.   This experience and skill has been gained by his interaction with factory managers, production development departments, mould makers and more importantly the factory workers who make the product. 

These skills in product development offer a unique service which is based upon 20 years’ experience Neil has in designing and developing product for companies and factories worldwide.