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You are entering a login/members only part of the site.  If you are looking for new products design for your company/factory and you wish to view any of the NPD catalogs for possible design development then you must signup/register with site admin and wait for approval.  Approval will only be grant after a series of site specific checks are completed and is not guaranteed.   Approval may take up to 48 hours.    Once you have been approved by site admin you will then be able to view the various concept design portfolios.

By applying for membership of the  NPD Concept pages to this site you agree to the following Terms and Condition.


1.The Intellectual Copyright and Title of all concepts/designs within the membership pages of the site are the property of Neil Jeffree Ltd.

2.Further design development of any of any concept/design within the within the membership pages of the site is to be completed by Neil Jeffree Ltd or an agent of Neil Jeffree Ltd unless otherwise agreed on.   Costs and development terms & conditions will be supplied and agreed upon before any further design development takes place.

3.Neil Jeffree Ltd reserves the right to withdraw/remove/make unavailable for design development consideration, at any time, any of the concepts/designs within the within the membership pages of the site     No reason need be given for this. 

4.There is to be no copying of any of the product within the portfolio or are any of the concepts/designs to be used as a base for development by a third party.